3 Ultimate Ways to earn money from Whatsapp

Hello friends ! You all will know about WhatsApp. Every single Smartphone user uses WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the most used Messeging App in the world. You must also be using WhatsApp, but do you know that you can earn money from WhatsApp. You can also earn money by sharing photos, videos on WhatsApp.

Now you people will be thinking in this way that WhatsApp will give us money to do any task or work, but it is not at all. This is a Messeging App, through which you can do Chating, Video Shearing, Image or Files Shear. WhatsApp does not provide money but, you can easily earn money using WhatsApp. Today I will give you information about how to earn money using WhatsApp. There are many ways to earn money from WhatsApp, through which you can earn money without any kind of Investmet.

WhatsApp se paise kaise kamaye

WhatsApp This is a very Simpel app. Through this, people send Messeg, Photos, Videos, Files to each other. There are many ways to earn money using it. If you use WhatsApp correctly, you can definitely earn. I will tell you about some ways that you will be able to earn easily from WhatsApp.

Materials required to earn money from WhatsApp


    Intenet conection

    WhatsApp Groups

    WhatsApp Numbers

How to Make Money From Whatsapp

To earn money from WhatsApp, you should have more and more WhatsApp users’ Mobail Numbers. You should have more and more WhatsApp Groups. Without this, you cannot earn from WhatsApp.

3 Ways to earn money from Whatsapp

Affiliate Marketing

This is the best way to do online Earning. If you are not aware of what Affiliates marketing is. So you understand that Affiliate marketing is a Commision based program to conduct poduct sale. If you sell an Affiliate Product in any way, then that company gives you some commission instead. There are affiliate programs of many big companies that give you a good commission to sell their products.

To earn money through WhatsApp through affiliate marketing, you must first create your account in the Affiliate marketing program. After this, you select the product and make their affiliate links and Shear in your WhatsApp Groups and Brodcast. Whenever someone makes a purchase through your link, you will get a commission instead. What is Affiliate Marketing for more information? Do read it

Link shortening

This is the easiest and most used way to earn money from WhatsApp. In this, you just have to create a link and share it and when someone clicks on that link, you get paid. For this, you have to find some such Virel Topic. The one who is more popular on the Internet and by shortening its link, has to share it in more and more WhatsApp groups.

For example, when someone clicks on this link, they see an advertisement for the first few seconds that you get paid. Meaning, the more clicks you get, the more credit is in your account. The more clicks your link gets, the more your earnings will be.

PPD Networks

PPD stands for Pay Per Downlod. This is a platform that gives you the money to downlod a file. Nowadays, if any new Video, Song, Movie comes on the Internet, people download it quickly.

To earn money from this, you have to join PPD network and after that upload any such thing that people want to download. After this the link has to be done separately in WhatsApp Groups and Brodcast. As your link will increase the number of downlods, you will get money.

I hope you earn money through WhatsApp? It must have been well received. By using these methods, you can easily earn money through WhatsApp. If you have any questions related to this article, then you must comment by commenting below. I will try to resolve your chance.

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