Hard Drive Data Recovery and Their 6 Services Solution

Here a list of potential Hard drive Data Recovery and their 6 Services solutions

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Hard Drive Data Recovery

1. Corrupted files on hard disk

Sometimes, the file becomes inaccessible to the user because the operating system fails to boot properly. The main reason for this is that the system is not shut down properly, mostly due to accidental or sudden power interrupts, computer shutdown due to use of corrupt software. Due to this, the store files in the hard drive get damaged.

 Hard Drive Data Recovery Service : – Always shut down the system correctly. Avoid installing suspicious software and malicious programs on your hard disk. Cleaning the hard disk on a regular basis to remove unwanted programs. Use UPS etc. So that the system does not stop immediately if the power goes out suddenly.

 2. Virus Threat Hard Disk Virus Threat

Virus attack is a major problem faced by HDDs. This problem occurs when viruses or malware attack the hard disk by the program. It extends to other systems in the network. This virus in your system may come from other media, external drives, networks, etc. If the user backs up files that contain a virus, the system can become infected again and result in a hard disk malfunction.

    Solution: – The best solution to this problem is to scan the system on a regular basis with the help of a reliable anti-virus program. It is necessary to update the anti-virus program frequently. So that it can detect almost all types of viruses and malware programs.

3. Unexpected computer crashes Unexpected computer crashes

This can also happen when the hard disk has many bad sectors and blocks. Sometimes, the hard disk may crash because the spindle motor stops rotating. The disappearance of files and folders, the sound of click-clicks etc. is a sign of this. This problem occurs when the hard drive is formatted more often than the limit. And the hard disk parts get old.

    Solution – To get rid of this problem, users have to update their system on a regular basis using a reliable software program. HDD should be replaced after 3-4 years of use to avoid this problem.

4. The computer fails to detect the hard disk or BIOS:

Computer fails to detect hard disk or BIOS: When UPS fails to provide the required power supply or provides too much power supply, the BIOS is unable to detect the hard drive. In such situations the HDD fails to spin. This problem can also happen with the mother board.

     Solution: – To avoid this problem, make sure that your system is getting adequate power supply. You can troubleshoot this problem by using a reputed brand UPS. Also try replacing the ADE, ATA, or SCSI cable. You can also switch the drive to another power plug.

5. Manufacturing fault Hdd Manufacturing fault

This type of problem occurs with new hard disks when a hard disk is delivered to the customer without testing. The hard disk may work well initially, but after a few months, it becomes non-responsive.

    Solution: – The solution to this problem is proper testing. The buyer must test the hard disk before bringing it home. If you encounter any type of problem after installing it, it should be replaced immediately.

6. Heat and dust Heat and dust

This is also one of the hard disk problems that occur frequently. Due to excess usage, the system heats up to the peak point. Sometimes, lack of ventilation and faulty CPU fan also cause this problem.

    Solution: Ensure CPU FANs are in proper condition. Check if the processor is cooling enough. Users can use SMART TOOLS which can inform them about the status of hard disk and the risk of facing hard disk in future

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