PM Narendra Modi Quit Facebook Twitter And Youtube Soon #NOSir

PM Narendra Modi to say goodbye to social media This is what this tweet looks like

How popular Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi) is on social media is not hidden from the countrymen. PM Modi is the most followed leader in the world after American Donald Trump. PM Modi has 53.3 million followers on Twitter, while Donald Trump has 73.2 million followers. Surprising to all of you, at around 9 pm on Sunday night, PM Modi announced that he is thinking of closing his accounts from all social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Let us tell you that Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has also given information about this matter. PM Modi tweeted, ‘I am thinking of leaving my social media account Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube on this Sunday. I will inform you all further.

At around 9 pm on Monday night, PM Modi tweeted on his Twitter account and wrote that he is thinking of doing goodbye to all the social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube by Sunday.

Shortly after PM Narendra Modi tweeted this, the reactions of millions of his supporters started coming on social media #NoSir. In about 10 minutes, there are about 25 thousand tweets in the name of NO Sir and on seeing, NO Sir and Modi Ji started trending on Twitter.

PM Narendra Modi Quit Facebook Twitter And Youtube Soon

Let us tell you that PM Modi made his last post on the social media’s Instagram platform six days ago, when he along with US President Donald Trump visited Ahmadaba’s Sabarmati Ashram. At the same time, if we talked about Facebook, on Sunday (March 01) at 2:00 pm, he posted the last time. Let us tell you that in 2014, when PM Modi took over as Prime Minister for the first time, he also appealed to his supporters to stay connected with social media.

How many followers of Modi on social media account

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has 53.3 million followers on Twitter. While he himself follows 2,373 people on Twitter. Talking about Facebook, 44,597,317 people follow PM Modi on Facebook. 35.2 million people follow PM Modi on Instagram. There are a total of 4.5 million subscribers on the YouTube account of PM Narendra Modi.

Most followers are on Facebook

Let us tell you that according to Twiplomacy’s 2019 rankings, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ranks first among the world’s leaders in terms of Facebook, he has more than 44 million followers on Facebook, while Donald Trump is in second place with 44 million followers. PM Modi is followed by 4,43,78,995 people on Facebook, while President Trump is followed by 2,75,38,740 people.

Twitter joined in 2009

Please tell that PM Modi joined Twitter in January 2009. He keeps most of his supporters connected through Twitter. He posted his last post on Facebook on Sunday 1 March, while his last post on Instagram was made six days earlier during Trump’s visit to Sabarmati Ashram.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Belived in Social media

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has not held a single press conference since taking office in 2014, has been associated with supporters through social media. After Prime Minister Modi’s tweet, the biggest question is why the PM is considering leaving social media? Please tell that PM Modi came on Twitter in 2009, while on 5 May 2009, he created his account on Facebook.


On this, BJP IT cell leader Amit Malviya said that on Sunday, Prime Minister Modi will keep his word. He said that we should wait till Sunday. 45 lakh people have subscribed to PM Modi on YouTube. Fans of PM Modi’s country and abroad are surprised by his decision and are asking the Prime Minister not to do so.

Opposition Takes on New Modi’s Decision

Rahul Gandhi has given a suggestion on this tweet of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In a tweet, he wrote, ‘Leave hate, not social media.’ Congress leader Randeep Surjewala also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a tweet. Surjewala said, Hopefully, I will give this advice to the concerted army of trolls, who are abusing others in your name every second.

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